Monday, August 5, 2013

eARC: Just Dessert by Marquita Valentine

All right, it's time for flailing Kermit arms. That's right I got a chance to read Marquita Valentine's latest release Just Dessert. It's the next installment to the Holland Spring Series. YAY! Seriously, I LOVE this series. Honestly, I have been waiting for Sebastian's story forever. I can honestly say I have been intrigued by Sebastian Romanov since we got a glimpse of him in Twice Tempted. Now we get his story.

However, he's not an easy guy to love. Actually, he's stubborn, hard-headed, asshat, egotistical, evil, and incredibly sexy. Granted he does has a twin brother, but Sebastian is so bad you have to love him. Then you have Daisy Barnes who is the polar opposite. She's sweet, kind, and caring.

You have to be careful with those sweet kind people, because they tend to suck people in no matter what (I should know I'm a lot like Daisy). Even the big bad Sebastian can't resist the charms of Daisy. I guess the badder they are the harder they fall, and Sebastian is no exception. However, he has a couple obstacles to overcome. The main one is himself. Kind of hard to woo someone who isn't going to give you a chance. Even if you have a fancy title in front of your name, it won't help your cause.

How do you get around these obstacles? Manipulation, lying, cheating, whatever is in the bad guys arsenal, which Sebastian does. Might I add he does a super job of completing this task. Poor sod decided to use a pseudo name, but it's not really pseudo name since they are part of his legal name. Probably more like lying by omission. Anyway, he's trying to get the girl the only way he only knows how.

I loved this story. I loved Sebastian and Daisy and I think they're just so cute together. Like all the other Holland Springs books this story does tug on your heart-strings. Daisy is just so fragile, but doesn't want people to know how fragile she tends to be. Daisy puts up an amazing front. I love how she braves the world no matter what. Then you have big bad Sebastian, but underneath that big bad exterior is hidden a decent guy. However, we can't let that show. So, I laughed, cried, and blushed. Yes, I still love the Holland Springs Series and I love Just Desserts. So, if you are looking for that big bad alpha-male who has a hidden sweet side and a sweet girl who helps him discover it, you might want to checkout Just Desserts.

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