Thursday, August 8, 2013

eARC: The Best Man's Baby by Victoria James

A few months back I read A Risk Worth Taking by Victoria James. I thought that book was pretty awesome. Now Victoria has a new book which is The Best Man's Baby, which I believe is better than A Risk Worth Taking. I'm not kidding; I started this book yesterday and couldn't put it down. I may have stayed up until 2am to finish this story. Now you are wondering what made this story so good me? Let me share:

Claire Holbrook has always been a good girl, after all she is the minister's daughter. Always living by the rules until one night, when she went after what she wanted and she wanted Jake Manning. Claire has been in love with Jake forever, and dreamed up a future with him, but never sharing it with anyone except Holly (her best friend and sister-in-law to Jake).

After there blissful night, Jake did the unpardonable thing and leave the girl right after the magical moment. Now heart-broken and pregnant, she needs to find a way to tell the father she's pregnant. I think what she did was completely awesome.
"Welcome home, daddy.” She stabbed the positive pregnancy indicator stick through his hamburger with enough force that it could have killed the cow had it still been alive. 
That's one way to guarantee the father knows, she's pregnant. Now Jake has a tough task to prove to Claire, he wants to be part of their lives. Which isn't an easy task, because he's kind of know as a playboy. Eek!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Best Man's Baby. I truly think Victoria has really outdone herself with this novel. I was laughing, crying, and just everywhere with my emotions. I adore Claire, because she became this hormonal pregnant woman. It was funny and fantastic. I think what really won me was the pregnancy test moment, I mean who does that? Wait a pregnant hormonal woman who has been hurt. Then you have Jake the bad boy who wants to make things right. Jake is a fantastic character, because there is a lot going on with him and no one has clue. I love that you start to understand why Jake seems like a screwup. A fantastic read. So, if you are looking for a bad boy who's trying to make amends and a hormonal woman, you might find a fun read with The Best Man's Baby.

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  1. Wonderful review--I'm doing the tour for this author next month, and I can't wait! I've not read the book, but after your glowing review? It's definitely moving up my list!


    1. It was awesome. I seriously did stay up to finish reading the story.