Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Summons from the Castle (Regency Christmas Summons)

Looks like the Duke has done well for himself, after all he has manage to get 7 out of 19 grandchildren married off. He must be proud of himself. Now we will see three more marriages occur in A Summons from the Castle. Oh let's see what's in store for us.

An Unintended Journey
Catherine Gayle

In this story we meet Abigail Goddard, who's upset to see her grandmother pass away. Right before Abigail's grandmother passes, she informs her son, Hugh Goddard, a family secret that she almost carried to her grave. The secret was who is his birthfather, who is none other the Duke of Danby (cue the music of shock).

Wesley Cavendish, the Earl of Fordingham's second son, has had feelings for Abigail since they have know each other. However, couldn't really do anything about it cause of his father. Yet, could there be a chance that they might have a future? It's a long shot, but could being a long lost granddaughter to almighty Duke of Danby help? Hmm, we shall see.

A Caribbean Jewel for Christmas
Suzie Grant

In this story we meet Captain Randall Whitton, who carries a huge chip on his shoulder from his grandfathers treatment to his father many years ago. However, he must get past the chip since he has been summon to return to the castle. Before he could leave he must meet with a conniving Commander. Which didn't go as well as Commander Blythe had hope.

So, Commander Blythe turn to his attention on Jewel Derington to try to persuade our dear old Captain. Since Jewel really didn't want to do this, but making the deal with the devil was the only way to free her father. Gosh, I hate blackmail, especially when the life of the love one is on the line. Sounds like Captain Whitton's goose is cooked or is it?

Winning a Lady's Heart
Christi Caldwell

In this story the Marquess of Tweksbury sets out his theory that the fall doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to Nathaniel Winters, the Earl of Pembroke. By meddling in his daughter's life, Lady Alexadria Foster, he set out to break up the courtship. However, the Duke of Danby is all knowing and sets out to rectify the situation. Will there be a happy ending for Nathan and Alex? Let's hope so.

It's probably a good thing that Danby is not in the modern day. Even though these stories are set in the Regency Era, he somehow has eyes and ears everywhere. Kind of scary of his all knowing about his children and grandchildren. Could you imagine if he had the internet, twitter, Facebook, or an iPhone? His family would be in a world of trouble.

With that said, book three of Regency Christmas Summons has come to an end and we must move on to the last book. Before I can do that I leave you my thoughts of each story. Ms. Gayle brings us a tale of a story about a girl who started out as a maid and was able to raise from her station. Ms. Grant brings us a swashbuckling tale about deceit and smuggling. This was the story that got me interested in reading other stuff from Ms. Grant. Last but not least, Ms. Cadwell brings us a story of a horrible father who tried to destroy his daughter's happiness. However, it being set in Christmastime we are able to find those happy endings. I hope you get a chance to read these stories, because I have enjoy them. I would like you all to enjoy them too. So, happy holidays and I will see you all soon.


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