Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Summons From Yorkshire (Regency Christmas Summons)

As you can see this is part of my Christmas read. Last year I got a chance to read this christmas anthology and truly enjoyed the mayhem that the Duke of Danby inflicted on his grandchildren. After all he summoned them all to the Yorkshire. So, I hope that you all get a chance to check out this mischievous Duke do his worst.

A Summon From Yorkshire is the first in the collection and I will share a little about each story and share my thoughts on them as a collective whole.

The Counterfeit Christmas Summons
Ava Stone

Emma Whitton has been in love with Alden Barrett, the Viscount of Heathfield, forever. Since her grandfather has summon all the grandchildren to the castle, what a perfect opportunity to bring Heath to her, after all Drew and Heath are good friends. So, Emma sends a letter to Heath as if it were from Drew. What could go wrong, right? There the story begins when he arrives at the castle and Drew is no where in sight. Hmm.

The Viscount's Sweet Temptation
Aileen Fish

Lady Harriet Thornhill knows her wily grandfather all to well, and has thought of thwarting his plans to marry her off when she see's her friend's Ellie's parents coach. What a perfect escape to travel with her friend? So, she made her escape and enter the coach. Unbeknownst to her that her friend was not in the coach, but her brother Archibald Napier (Archie), Viscount Morley. Oh no, right. Well, it certainly gets a bit interesting. Will Morley do the right thing or will he hope to get out of this situation unscathed? Hmm.

Gift of Seduction
Julie Johnstone

Andrew Whitton, the Earl of Hardwick, was an idiot to let Charlotte Milne go when his father put the pressure on to let her go awhile ago. Somehow, he must find a way to rectify the situation and get the girl he loves back. Yet he might be to late when he hears that she might marry the another. ACK! No! Or will there be greater force that will help these love birds to mend their broken hearts?

Now my overall thoughts on all three stories. First off and I will probably repeat this a couple of times, but it is amazing how 12 ladies got together to make a four book anthology for Christmas. Plus to have the stories mesh well. So, the first three stories had something that stuck out to me. For Ms. Stone's story I  was snicker over the situation. I mean you got to love a fake out letter. Ms. Fish's story I loved the awkward conversation between mother and daughter. For a common conversation, it's hilarious to read. Last in this book, Ms. Johnstone brought hope that true love can conquer all. So, if you are looking for historical romance Christmas read, you might want to check out book one of The Regency Christmas Summons. If anything you should read the stories to see how that wily Duke gets his way.


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