Tuesday, December 11, 2012

eARC: The Escape Diaries by Juliet Rosetti

Have you ever read a book that left you with a book high? I mean the feeling of wow that was an awesome book or wow I couldn't put it down. This is the case for Juliet Rosetti's The Escape Diaries. I started the book on Sunday night trying to finish the book before it came out, but life was against me. So, I was able to finish this book this morning. WOW! is all I can really say. With this kind of start you I'm beating you want to know what this awesome story is about.

Mazie Maguire was accused of murdering her husband Kip Vonnerjohn a few years back. Convicted and sent to prison, because of an incompetent lawyer. Now with no way of getting out, Mazie has accept her lot in life.

However, luck was on her side one day when a tornado struck the prison and she had found her way out. Now on the run and trying to out smart the law, Maize needs to figure out a plan. Fortunately, she might have a few accomplices. Especially, one handsome guy by the name of Bonaparte Labeck.

The story itself is intriguing, but the cast of characters make it so much fun. I mean with Kip's mother trying to kill Mazie in and out of prison. No love lost there. Then you have the set up and the references to The Fugitive (by the way if you haven't checked out that movie you might want to see it, because there are lot references to that movie). Plus, who wouldn't love a hero name Bonaparte Labeck, I mean the name itself is fabulous. Also you see her dog-nap one of Vanessa's (the mother-in-law) pooches, and you watch the transformation of Muffin. Last but not least is the chapters. Instead them being called chapters, they are number Escape Tips. For your information, there are 34 escape tips.

So, I will leave with a few of my favorite tips: 1) Be prepared. It's always good to be prepared, yet Mazie isn't at the time. 9) You can't go wrong with basic black. Accessorize with white. I will let you see what that tip is about. 14) Don't fall in the Radon. Just for your information Radon is a gas, not a liquid. Yet it's funny how many people don't realize that.

Overall crazy fun when you read The Escape Diaries. I really would suggest you getting this book if you are looking for some crazy fun in your read. Seriously, it left me with a book high. Love it from cover to cover. So, go out and have some fun.

Copy provide from Random House via NetGalley


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