Friday, December 21, 2012

ARC: Waking Up With A Rake by Connie Mason & Mia Marlowe

Happy dance time! Yes, that's right just finished another book and the world didn't end. I guess technically it could still can, since the day is not over. However, I'm not going to worry about that right now; I have more important things to type about. For instance, the book I just finished. So, today I bring you Waking Up With A Rake by Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe. Let me share a captivating story and my thoughts.

Miss Olivia Symon has a chance to elevate her status from commoner to possible princess. After all the Duke of Clarence has shown some interest in this young girl; key word being "young." However, some people might not wish this to happen and would do anything to stop it. They might even call upon the powers of a rake to stop this tragedy from happening. Sounds like a fabulous start to a brand new series, right?

Our first rake, Rhys Warrick might be perfect candidate for this job. After all he is dangerous and handsome; the essence of a perfect rake.

First off, let me share I love historical romance novel and here's why: I actually learn something. I know some people might say "really" in that I don't believe it tone, but it's true. Or if something sticks out to me and I wonder did that really happen.

Anyways. As I said at the beginning I found the story captivating. Once I started reading the story, I found myself wanting to continue it. Yet life doesn't always accommodate to what I want. I love how the authors combine historical facts into there story line. It really made the story come alive.

I also love the fact that Olivia was just an all around kind of girl. Here's what I mean: some girls would be like I'm getting attention from a Royal Duke and your not, but she wasn't like that. She was down to earth. Her mother was more excited than she was about her future princess. Then you have the rake, Rhys, which I adore. Deep down inside you know the guy isn't really that bad. Granted there are some that are, but he wasn't. Sometimes life events change a person and not always good. I really do hope we get to learn more about the situation that shape Rhys and his buddies life in the next stories.

Overall, I thought the story was a fantastic read and well worth the time I spent reading. So, I hope you all get a chance to read Waking Up With A Rake. I enjoyed and I can't wait to read more. So, I will see you all later.

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