Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane

As I make my way through the Christmas reads, I have finished another one. (As I pretend there is cheering in the background). Anyways, I started reading Hunk for the Holidays not knowing what to expect. I read the back the book and thought this could be interesting. Here's what I mean:

Cassie McPherson has always put her love life on the back burner, work always came first. When she needed a date she would hire an escort to take her out. Plus, this would help deflect her over-protective family thinking she had some type of love life. Well, she made plans to have an escort take her to the company holiday, so when she sees this hunky guy comes walking up she automatically assumed he was her escort.

Yes, James Sutton is a handsome man. So, when Cassie made the mistake of believing he was her escort, he just went with the flow. How can he turn down an attractive young women. How can anything go wrong?

Ignorance is bliss. I have to say this was an enjoyable Christmas read. First off, I really did enjoy the fact that James and Cassie had such great chemistry, even though they were suppose to enemies. Then you have the over-protective brothers, who just butt into her relationships no matter what.

Overall, this was enjoyable light read. Sometimes you just want something that will entertain you and nothing too serious. I really liked the fact that this whole mess starts with the initial miss understanding that just escalates to more fun for the reader. So, I hope that you get a chance to checkout Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane, because it was certainly entertaining read.

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