Friday, December 28, 2012

Yours At Midnight by Robin Bielman

Howdy y'all! Well, I must say that I have exceed my goals for December. Partially because we headed down to Utah for Christmas. However, that is not the only reason. The main reason is: IT SNOWED PRACTICALLY THE WHOLE TIME! I don't like snow, but at least it has lotted me to get a lot of reading done. YAY! The positive.

Anyways, last night I finished another book, Yours At Midnight by Robin Bielman. A nice quick read that will get you in the mood for New Years Eve.

I actually loved this quick read and I think the cast of characters really helped with the story. So here are the memorable characters and why they were:

Lyric Whetstone: The heroine with a secret that happen four years. I have to say that it's impressive to keep a secret that long. I don't if I would be able to keep her secret that long.
Quinn Sobel: Trying to make atones for what happen four years ago. Still living with the guilt of the past.
Max: Lyric's son. What a cute little boy.
Teddy: The escaping dog. Yes, he is the reason for Lyric and Quinn run into each other, so in essence he is important.
Caroline Whetstone: Mother always knows no matter what. Even when you try to hide the fact.
Oliver Sobel: Pretty much the whole reason Lyric and Quinn were thrown together four years prior.

Seriously, a great read. I love how the whole story centers around Quinn getting pass Oliver's death and learning to live again with the help of Lyric and her family.  As the story progresses, Quinn slowly learns he needs to live again. Of course, Lyric's secret might tear him apart. The characters that I mention really make the story come alive and I loved how this stories centers around the New Years Eve.

Absolutely a heart-warming read that will make your heart melt when you see Quinn, Lyric, and Max all together. So, I really hope you get a chance to check this heart melting read and I will see you all later.

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5 Stars

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  1. Hi Melody! Thanks so much for reading Yours At Midnight and for your very kind words. I'm delighted you enjoyed my story! Happy New Year and best wishes.