Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday Sparks by Taryn Elliott

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm super excited to be with you all this Christmas morning. I hope that you all are having a Merry Christmas. So, during the craziness of preparing for Santa, I was able to a hot streamy christmas read. A self-fanning read. Without further ado let me share Holiday Sparks by Taryn Elliot.

Darcy Tucker HATES Christmas. I know who doesn't love Christmas, sounds kind of Grinchy to me. Anyways. I guess I can understand her hatred towards Christmas. Afterall she does work in retail, which doesn't help the love towards Christmas. Then you have Ben Hartley who LOVES Christmas. Loves how the holiday brings hope and joy to all. Now you are wondering how these two crazy kids are ever getting together. Could you ever go out with someone that hates your favorite holiday? Honestly, it would make a hard sell for me. However, Ben has set out to change Darcy's mind. Could it be possible to get a grinchy person to change, it did work for the Grinch afterall.

Overall, I enjoyed this steamy holiday read. I mean it was fun to read about someone who hates the holiday and then come across someone who loves the holiday. I mean that just screams holiday disaster in my eyes. I especially love when she goes ballistic when she comes home to see her howm decorated. That just made me chuckle. So, if you are still looking for that holiday read with a hot tatt out guy who happens to LOVES Christmas you might want to checkout Holiday Sparks. I enjoyed and you might too.

5 Stars

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