Monday, December 3, 2012

eARC: One Hit Wonder by Elyssa Patrick

I love when I get a chance to read a novella that gives you a feel good ending your looking for. Last night I just finished Elyssa Patrick soon to release novella One Hit Wonder.

First off you have super sexy musician, Damon Suarex, who's trying to become more than a "one hit wonder"and make a come back. Granted he has been living quite comfortable off his song, yet he wants more.

Jane Timmons has decided its time to go. It makes it hard to work for a guy that you have fell in love with and he has no clue. Jane decides to make her break and give her two weeks notice. However, Damon takes the news hard and has decide that he's going to try everything to keep her.

I have to say this story was the quick read I needed and I savor every moment of the story. One Hit Wonder is perfect for a quick read with a great story line to keep you reading. I mean you have Jane who needs to get away from Damon, because she doesn't want to live with any unintentional heartache he might inflict on her. Then you have Damon who slowly realizes that he can't live without her. Heart-warming and steamy at the same time. Enjoyable read, so be on the lookout for One Hit Wonder.

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