Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Earl with the Secret Tattoo by Kieran Kramer

Good morning to you all. Since I have been reading a lot of books and novella of late, I figure I should squeeze in another novella. On top of it, I didn't get much reading done yesterday either. Partly because we went and saw my Les Miserables (by the way was pretty good, but I still prefer the musical). Sorry I digress, anyways. Last night I started and finished The Earl with the Secret Tattoo by Kieran Kramer.

Here is my quick sum of the story: Lady Eleanor Gibbs has a fiery spirit that must remain hidden while she resides in Lord Pritchard household. James Dawbry, Earl of Tumbridge, sworn to protect Eleanor and bring down his enemy.

Sounds like a great quick read. Well, at least for me. I really like Eleanor and her need to find the truth no matter what the cost would be. James pretends to be a scoundrel, because of the brotherhood. However, deep down he is a really good guy.

Then you have Eleanor's family. Her mother could careless about Eleanor and cares more about what Pritchard thinks. It's ashame that her mother is blind to the evil man. Lord Pritchad is definitely a dastardly bastard. I really didn't like him. His daughter is just awful and cares for no one, but herself.

Overall, it was a good quick read and I enjoyed it. I loved that it had a mystery that needed to be solved. My only concern was the rushed ending, other than that it was pretty good novella. Wasn't too short but felt complete, I personally think that is the most important thing to a novella. So, I hope you get chance to read this quick read. And I will see you all later.

4 Stars

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