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PUYB Blog Tour + Review: What To Do With a Duke by Sally MacKenzie

What To Do With A Duke
Spinster House, 1
Sally MacKenzie
August 25, 2015


Welcome to the charming, fatefully named village of Loves Bridge, where a woman destined for spinsterhood can live a life of her own choosingor fall unexpectedly, madly in love…

Miss Isabelle Catherine Hutting would rather be lounging in the library than circling the ballroom in search of a husband any day. So when Cat hears that the town’s infamous Spinster House is open for a new resident, she jumps at the chance to put all this marriage business behind her. But first she must make arrangements with her prospective landlord, Marcus, the Duke of Hart—the most handsome man she’s ever seen, and the only man who’s ever impressed her in the least…

With her wit, independent spirit, and not least of all her beauty, Marcus can’t help but be stirred by Cat. It’s terribly unfortunate he’s not looking to marry, given the centuries-old curse that left his family with the Spinster House to begin with. No duke shall live to see his heir’s birth. But is there a chance the curse could be broken—in true fairy-tale fashion—by an act of true love? The race to Happily Ever After is about to begin…

My Thoughts:
I have mix feelings about What To Do With a Duke by Sally MacKenzie. I liked the story. It's actually a pretty creative idea, I mean you have Marcus, the Duke of Hart who is living with his family curse that once they marry they never get to see the birth of their heir unless they marry with for love instead of money. So, he's trying to his death sentence as long as possible, but he starts the feel the call of settling down. Sucks to be him. Then he finds out he needs to go Love Bridges to find a new spinster for the Spinster House, which becomes a big mess of an ordeal. Instead of one candidate there are three. One being the delectable Miss Isabelle Catherine Hutting (Cat), which happens to be related to Isabelle Dorring.

Anyway, in What To Do With a Duke we see Marcus drawn to Cat and vice versa. Yet, Cat doesn't want to tie herself down to the Duke, because he truly believes in the curse. Marcus believes he should be happy that Cat turned him down, but he feels empty and kind of lost. After all, so many young ladies have tried to capture Marcus knowing about the curse.

Like I said the story is pretty creative. Now you wonder about my mixed feelings about the story. There is a lot that actually goes on What To Do With a Duke, we have three friends that want the Spinster House and they pretty much would go to any lengths to get the home. I don't care what anyone else says, but girls can be mean vicious even with friends. If some tells you otherwise they are LYING. They are a bit contentions between Cat, Jane, and Anne. We also find Marcus trying to convince Cat to marry him, but she's a bit stubborn at times through the story. I understand why she saying no when she wants to say yes, but it gets drawn out a bit. By the end of the story, I wasn't sure if I quite believe that their is a curse, but more like a series of unfortunate events that happen to the Duke of Hart. I'm hoping that we get the true answer to what happen to these dukes by the end of the series. What To Do With a Duke is a good story with an interesting premise, and leaves me curious to find out what happens in the next book. I truly hope that Marcus and Cat can break past the curse and live happy-ever-after.

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Author Info:

USA Today bestselling author Sally MacKenzie writes funny, sexy romances set in her favorite time period (other than the present): Regency England. Her novella, “The Duchess of Love,” was a 2013 RITA® finalist, and two of her books—The Naked King and Bedding Lord Ned—made ALA Booklist’s top ten romances for their respective years. Many of her books are available in audio format, and her stories have been translated into Czech, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Sally graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Notre Dame in the first class of women. She’s a Cornell Law School dropout, former federal regulation writer, recovering parent volunteer, mother of four grown sons, and middle-of-the-lane Masters swimmer. She loves to travel, especially to England to research historic sites and hike through—and frequently get lost in—the English countryside.

A native of Washington, D. C., she lives with her husband in suburban Maryland, not far from her childhood home.

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