Sunday, August 30, 2015

Falling for the P.I. by Victoria James (Review)

I have a feeling that the Still Harbor stories aren't going to be an easy reads. What I mean is that they might be a bit emotional. We meet three sisters of the heart in Falling for the P.I., and they have bonded when they met at a shelter. Each of these women have a past that might be little dark. However, we are focusing on Kate Abbott (Alex McAllister and Cara will have their own books).

Now Kate is a sweet woman who cares deeply for her adopted daughter who happens to have Down Syndrome. However, she has no social life outside of her sisters and the kids. So, Alex and Cara thought it might be time for Kate to have some fun and find a guy. She stumbles upon Matt Lane. Matt Lane is a private investigator who doesn't do relationships. However, he's drawn to Kate and is willing to take a chance. When he finds out she has a kid, he's still willing to see what happens next.

Sounds pretty simple, right? That's what you are led to believe until we dive deeper into the story. Kate's past isn't an easy one. Actually when we find out the truth behind it, it's pretty rough, and we grasp a better understanding behind her mistrust with cops.

I liked this story, because we have Matt who is a decent guy, but Kate past kind of puts up roadblocks in the relationship. Actually, one of guys that Matt knows is the leading cause to Kate's issues. I know super vague, but I just don't want to give too much away. Anyway, I just adore how Matt is understanding to Kate and her daughter. Overall, I found Falling for the P.I. a sweet read. It might have taken sometime for Kate to trust Matt, but he was patient. He definitely won me over with his patience. It's a feel good book, but towards the ending is a little rough with Kate's past being reveal.

Copy provided by Entangle via NetGalley.

4 Stars

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