Saturday, August 15, 2015

The House on the Dunes by Nancy Sweetland (Review)

I guess I should start with the positives on The House on the Dunes by Nancy Sweetland. First off, the story is well written, and the transitions between Catherine's journal entries and Olivia present day (1984) are flawless. The story is beautiful, but I have a few hangups, and I guess it's time to share them. So, if you don't want spoilers you might want to stop right here, but if you are curious proceed with caution.

Ugh! Even the story was beautifully written I just struggle. It's probably a good thing that I calm down a bit and reflect before I wrote this review. Yes, there were some good parts and sad ones. However, I was angry about halfway through The House on the Dunes, because Catherine and Oliver "love". The end left me dissatisfy, because there was no clear happy ending. It was Olivia start her life over. So, this story wasn't for me, and others might find enjoyment in this read.

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2 Stars

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