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Tasty Book Tours Spotlight + Review + Giveaway: The Playboy of Rome & Best Man for the Bridesmaid by Jennifer Faye

The Playboy of Rome / Best Man for the Bridesmaid
The DeFiore Brothers Series # 1 & 2
By: Jennifer Faye
Releasing March 1st / April 1st, 2015
Harlequin Romance

March 1st

Taming the Italian playboy…

Lizzie Addler's dream of working in Italy is about to come true—that is if she can convince passionate Italian chef Dante DeFiore to keep his side of their bargain. Dante might be hotter than the Italian sun, but he's as cool as ice toward Lizzie…

Dante hasn't the time to pander to Lizzie's dreams of culinary fame—he has a restaurant to run! But as Lizzie proves herself to be a spectacular addition to his kitchen—and to his life—Dante wonders…can he keep her forever?

My Thoughts:

I don't know where to begin with The Playboy of Rome, because there is a lot in this story. I guess I should highlight some of the points of the story. We have Lizzie and she has come to Italy to work with Dante's grandfather, but Massimo ended up having a stroke and needed to the family vineyard. However, he didn't tell his grandson that he was suppose to work with Lizzie. When Lizzie shows up he confuses her for extra help. Now these two feels this pull towards one another, but neither one of them wants to act on. They each has their personal reason why they shouldn't. Dante believes that his family is curse when it comes to love, so you could understand why he doesn't want to fall in love. Poor guy, was given bad info when it comes to love. Fortunately, that is all fixed by the end of the story. Now Lizzie grew up feeling unloved, because enter the foster care at young age and believed her mother would come get her. Instead was let down time and time again, so you could see why she wouldn't want to enter into a relationship and end up broken hearted.

Now that's out in the open. I loved The Playboy of Rome, because we have two people that have been influence by the people in there lives and both afraid to let anyone into their hearts. However, they are able to open up to one another. Okay, I shed a few tears for Lizzie, because of the whole feeling unlovable. However, she was just a bubble of happiness even though she had a rough start in life. I love that these two kind of absorbed one another. However, there were some misunderstanding on both ends. Okay, loved this story and message that even though that
"Love is like life--it's a gift not to be squandered."
Both Lizzie and Dante had to learn that love is something to be cherished and willing to embrace no matter what happens in life. Dante almost missed his chance. So, if you are looking a quick get away, take an adventure with The Playboy of Rome.

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April 1st

Always the bridesmaid…

Planning her sister's Italian wedding only reminds Jules Lane of how far away she is from finding her own true love. And worse, she's doing it alongside the brooding, mouthwateringly handsome best man, Stefano DeFiore.

Maybe the bride?

Having seen the destructive power of love, Stefano has no time for weddings—but Jules's smile is captivating. Making her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world is one thing, but can he give this blushing bridesmaid a happily-ever-after of her own?

My thoughts:

After reading The Playboy of Rome I was on such a book high that I wanted to start reading Best Man for the Bridesmaid. Well, both stories are similar to the fact that both heroine's grew up in foster care, and they both fall for a DeFiore. All right, Jules is happy for her sister/best friend Lizzie, and she would do anything for her after all they have been together forever. When Lizzie needs help planning the wedding, Jules steps up and take charge. In a way Jules lets Lizzie walk all over her, but I don't think Lizzie realizes this. You this a lot in the story, and the one person that realizes this is Stefano. As Jules and him start to hangout, Jules brings out feelings that he long ago believe they were gone. 

Okay, both Jules and Stefano carry a ton of emotional baggage. Stefano carries the death of his wife, and believes he doesn't deserves love. However, from what I gather is that Stefano and his wife were ill-suited when they married. You can see for yourself. So, he carries a lot of blame for what had happen, and you don't get all the info until we get closer to the end. Now Jules has emotional baggage, but she also has physical baggage. The clothes she wears is her armor, because growing up she was made fun of and believe no one would love her like she's special. A couple of instants make her believe this fact. 

I liked Best Man for the Bridesmaid, because these two characters help one another get out of their comfort zones and start to live again. Stefano helps Lizzie stand up for herself and be the person she wants to be. Lizzie helps Stefano that there is more to life that punishing oneself for an accident. So, if you are looking for a sweet story that has two people needing to face some of their issues, you might give Best Man for the Bridesmaid a try. 

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Author Info
Award-winning author, Jennifer Faye pens fun, heartwarming romances. Jennifer has won the RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Award, named a TOP PICK author, and been nominated for numerous awards. Now living her dream, she resides with her patient husband, amazing daughter (the other remarkable daughter is off chasing her own dreams) and two spoiled cats. She'd love to hear from you via
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