Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sweetest Surrender by Katie Reus

Yesterday, I finished Sweetest Surrender by Katie Reus. This happens to be the third book story in The Serafina: Sin City series. I have to say that Vadim and Angel's story blew me away. The previous book were good, but I think this surpass what I was expecting.

Basically, we have Angel who has been living under the radar for sometime. She's trying to keep a low profile, because she's afraid her past might catch up with her. Vadim has had a crush on Angel for sometime and figure it's time to make a move. However, things happen that put Angel in danger, luckily Vadim is there to help her.

I love Vadim. In the previous books, he's picture as a scary guy. Not that he's a freak, but he's just intense and no one knows how to deal with him. While Angel and him become instant friends, because she sees more in him. Anyway, Angel past catches up with her and she needs Vadim's help. Vadim's more than willing to help her, because he cares for her.

Sweetest Surrender blew my mind. I know that Katie throw some plot twist here and there. I must say that I didn't see the twist coming. Honestly, I was like "What! No way!" moment. Other than that Angel and Vadim's friendship quickly turns into one hot relationship. Overall, I loved Sweetest Surrender and I think it's probably the best one so far. I can't wait to see what Katie will do with the rest of the guys at the Serafina. So, if you are looking for a quick suspense read, you might consider Sweetest Surrender.

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