Saturday, April 12, 2014

In the Stars by Ava Stone

So, I got a chance to read Ava Stone's In the Stars. This will be her new novella on April 15. I know tax day, but be on the lookout if you are a fan of hers. Anyway, I went into this totally blind. All I knew it was about a guy and a girl and they get together.

So, this is what I gather about the story. Nathaniel Carrick severed his country and was awarded for bravery a viscountcy and some dilapidated home. He became the first Viscount Healeyfield. Now he needs to marry someone with a money to help restore his crumbling estates. His commander came up with a brilliant plan to marry off his daughter to Nathaniel. After all she does come with a nice dowery that could help his estates. However, there is one problem. Now Wilhemina Throssell (Mina) is a bit odd. Better yet she's unique. She's not like an ordinary miss. Oh no, she believes all sorts of magical creatures and other stuff. Good thing it's not the 1600s. So, we have this potential couple who are opposite from one another. Anyway, Mina goes to a fortune teller to find out what lies in her future. She was given a piece of information that's suppose to help guide her to find the right guy. Now this causes problems for Nathaniel, and isn't all about money. No, he actually starts to fall for Mina. Now will Mina focus on what was told to her or will take a look in her heart?

In the Stars is a quick sweet story about destiny and being open to new possibilities. I adore how Nathaniel actually kept an open mind when it came to Mina. I had to chuckle a couple times, because Nathaniel is so level-headed and having a conversation with Mina was an interesting event. In the Stars is a cute charming reading. So, if you are looking a quick read that fits the bill, you might consider giving it a try.

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