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Tasty Book Tour Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Forever by Miranda P. Charles

Time for Love #1
By: Miranda P. Charles


Rebecca Andrews knew she was lucky to be hired as a private nurse for an elderly lady who was going on a one-month trip aboard a luxury cruise ship. But there was one big problem. The client was the grandmother of her ex-boyfriend--the guy she was still in love with; the guy who didn't love her back.

Zach Carmichael couldn't say no to his grandmother's plea to join her on a month-long cruise for her eightieth birthday. But he didn't expect his spritely gran to bring two private nurses with her. One of them happened to be the woman who broke his heart--the one he believed lied to him about her feelings.

Aboard a luxury liner, their passion for each other flared again. Was it just a temporary flame brought about by the romance of being in a cruise? How could they give love another chance when they were both afraid to put their hearts back on the line?

My Thoughts:

When I started Forever, I was thinking what did I get myself into. The first few pages were a little slow, but once they were on the cruise ship things started to progress a bit more rapidly. I have to say that I'm happy about that. 

Anyway, we have two former lovers, Rebecca and Zach, who ended their relationship a bit prematurely. Of course, it all stems from a huge misunderstanding. Huge would be understatement, more like explosive. Both parties had hurt feelings, and instead of trying to figure it out like rational adults they figured that living with hurt would be better. However, when is love ever rational. Most of the time feelings are muddle when love plays a role in a misunderstanding. Fortunately, they were able to workout their problems while on the cruise. 

I liked Forever. I love the idea of this new series that these friends have made New Years resolution to find time for love. So, there will be five books and I enjoyed this one I'm kind of excited for the next book. As you are aware Rebecca and Zach are the first to find time for love. The misunderstanding was a huge part of the story, and at times I was a little worry they wouldn't reconcile. Plus, they had other people working against them. Overall, I was pleased with how the story worked out. So, if you are looking for a get away, you might consider Forever

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Author Info
Ever since I was a young teenager, I have loved reading romance novels. My auntie used to send me boxes of her books and I would devour them one after another.
Every so often, I would read a mystery or a suspense or a paranormal novel as I love those genres too. But romance is still my favourite. :)
For many years, I wrote technical and non-fiction materials for professional use and had only dreamt about writing a novel. Then, one day, after a period of binge-reading sexy romances, I decided to sit in front of my computer and start writing my first fiction book. The result? My debut novel Will To Love, the first in the hot and sexy Lifestyle by Design series. After that, I knew that I would love to tell more beautiful love stories through my books.
I live in Sydney, Australia with my amazing husband who lovingly cheers me on in my journey as a novelist.

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