Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rising Assets by Rebecca Zanetti

The other day I finished Rebecca Zanetti's Rising Assets. This is the third book of the Maverick Montana books. I haven't read the previous book and this can be read as a stand alone and not feel lost.

Melanie Jacobs and Colton Freeze have been friends forever. However, there are somethings you don't what your friends knowing. For instance, Melanie doesn't want Colton to know she's having financial problems. Yet, Colton can't shake the feeling. Of course, he needs to meddle in her affairs. While he's add it take a little taste of Melanie.

Rising Assets was all right. I mean there were some funny parts like the town taking bets on when Mel and Colton will actually become an item. Of course, this gives them a headache. I mean some of the towns people are a bit nuts over the pool. That was fun to read. The love scenes were really hot and steamy. I mean they get started, then something would interrupt. Another issue I had was there was too much going on that hinder the couple really making a go. Overall, not a bad read. I guess I wanted to see more development from the friends to lovers. Rising Assets did give me a chuckle at times and the writing was good. So, if you are looking for something like this, you might give Rising Assets a try.

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