Sunday, April 6, 2014

Three Weeks With Lady X by Eloisa James

First off, I devoured Eloisa James's Three Weeks With Lady X in two days. I was thinking it was going to take me a few days, but I just couldn't put the book down. The only thing that was stopping me from finishing the book was this little thing called sleep.

Anyway, Three Weeks With Lady X actually reminded me a lot of A Duke of Her Own in someways. I guess it was bound to happen after all Thorn Dautry is similar to his father, the Duke of Villiers. When I started the book, I was racking my brain trying to figure out if Villiers had a son name Thorn. I mean he had a lot of children before he married Eleanor. Fortunately, Ms. James cleared that up for me. Thorn actually went by a different name in A Duke of Her Own, which happen to be Tobias. Thorn wasn't a big fan of his name, so he ended up changing it. Of course this cleared up my confusion.

Now Thorn is ready to settle down and he has selected Miss Rainsford. However, Miss Rainsford's mother is a high-stickler and would rather have her daughter married someone else who isn't a bastard by birth. Now Thorn hires Lady Xenobia India St. Claire to redecorate a home he has purchase to win over the future's bride's family. As India works on the home, they correspond and slowly build this comfortable friendship. India has to keep telling herself that Thorn intends to married another. Even at one point Thorn throws the idea of matching her up with his best friend after all he has his "perfect" match in Miss Rainsford.

Once the house party begins the story starts to parallel A Duke of Her Own, but if you haven't don't worry about. It was the things I found similar. For instance Thorn almost married the wrong girl, which his father almost did too. Both of them treated their future wives abhorrently and both women almost needed saving from another man until their intended came to their senses.

Unlike the other Desperate Duchess books I didn't have the need to offer up my gut throughout the whole book. Yes, Thorn and India have to overcome stubbornness and realize they are perfect for one another. Overall, I loved Three Weeks With Lady X, because the witty banter between India and Thorn. However, I love how Thorn and India's love affair parallels Villiers and Eleanor's. If you haven't read A Duke of Her Own you might want to see what similars you will find between Three Weeks With Lady X. Anyway, if you are looking for a superbly writing story, you might give Three Weeks With Lady X a go.



  1. Great review, Melody! I love that you contrast Villiers's story with Thorn's --

    I thought Thorn and India were a great couple. Such fun letters to each other.

  2. I loved the Desperate Duchesses! Thanks for the suggestion - I will reread A Duke of Her Own before reading this one.