Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stolen Kiss From a Prince by Teresa Carpenter

I finished Stolen Kiss From a Prince by Teresa Carpenter. I have to say that this story fits well into Harlequin Romance line. Of course, the Romance line produces some sweet and lovable stories with little heat, and Stolen Kiss From a Prince fits in perfectly.

In the story, we meet Katrina Vincente who has been charge to take care of the newly orphan heir to the Kardana. She has no problem loving the boy, but she has a hard time dealing with the uncle, Julian Ettenburl. Now Julian comes off a bit cold and unfeeling. However, Julian and Katrina have this instant chemistry, but need to keep with in the lines after all he's a prince and she's the nanny.

Stolen Kiss From a Prince is a sweet story about a prince who never thought he would need to be in charge and a girl who wants to stay in the background. I enjoyed how they start to warm to each other, especially Julian. Julian sees that his life goes a little bit smoother when Katrina around. I also love how Katrina tries to show the family members that Sammy needs to love, since his parents have past. So, if you don't mind an arrogant prince who might be a bit cold at times and nanny who's a bit meddlesome, you might enjoy the sweet story of Stolen Kiss From a Prince.

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