Monday, March 31, 2014

Undone by Shannon Richard

A few days ago I finished Undone by Shannon Richard. I have to say that I adored the story. I'm coming realize that I do enjoy small town stories. Yes, you might find the typical clichés about small town mentalities, but I think that's what makes a small town story so small townish.

Anyway Paige Morrison's life starts to fall apart and she finds herself needing to move back with her parents down in Mirabelle, Florida. Mirabelle is your typical small town where everybody knows your name and business. Of course, they're not to fond of outsiders, and yes is an outsider who doesn't want to conform to Mirabelle's ideals. However, not everyone in Mirabelle sees Paige as an infestation. Actually, some of the town folk actually warmup to Paige. Paige slowly wins over people of Mirabelle, not all but most. This all happens because Paige gains the help the "hot mechanic" Brendan King.

I absolutely enjoyed Undone. I thought it was a fun read set in a small town. Yes, you have those people that are cranky and willing to make life miserable for others. Then have the people that genuinely care. I love how Brendan helped Paige when she was so done on her luck. You get to see their friendship blossom into something more. I laughed and I did cried. The crying happen more towards the end.

Anyway, this was Ms. Richard's first book and I honestly thought she did a marvelous job at making a fun story to read. I actually want to see what happens to the other characters in Mirabella, Florida. So, if you are looking for that small town, you might consider giving Undone a try.

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