Friday, April 4, 2014

His Lover's Little Secret by Andrea Laurence

Today I finished His Lover's Little Secret by Andrea Laurence. I have to say that I enjoyed this book. I'm starting to come around to loving reunited lovers.

Gavin Brooks and Sabine Hayes were once an item. However, Sabine never felt comfortable in Gavin's world, so she broke up with Gavin. Once Sabine left, he didn't see the point in fighting for the relationship. A couple years later, he finds out that he has a child and Sabine has been keeping it a secret. As the story progress, he realize his mistake on letting Sabine go.

I found His Lover's Little Secret a pretty fast pace read. I did love how these two work on trying to compromise what was best for their son. I love how Gavin was willing to set aside his ego and show Sabine that he wants her in his life too. However, Gavin isn't very tactful on how he tries to convince Sabine that he wants her in his life. So, it's a little bumpy for Gavin. Plus, he's not a guy to share his feelings, which was one of the problems in the relationship. Sabine loves her child and would do anything for her son. She had to teach Gavin that their son's needs are more important than the company. Of course this is a hard concept for Gavin.

Overall, His Lover's Little Secret is quite enjoyable. The storyline moved alone nicely. Yes, there is a little drama towards the end, but nothing that will give you heart palpitation. So, if you are looking for a reunited lovers story, you can find that in His Lover's Little Secret.

On a side not if you have read What Lies Beneath you will recognize the main characters from that story. I thought it was clever to add them to the story. If you haven't read that story, you don't need worry about missing any important pieces. Both the stories are standalone.

Favorite Quote:
“Marry me, Sabine,” he said.
He almost wished Sabine had gone back to laughing. The firm, sober rejection was worse. It reminded him of her pained, resolved expression as she broke off their relationship and walked out of his life.
“Why not?” He couldn’t keep the insulted tone from his voice. He was a great catch. She should be thrilled to get this proposal, even as spur of the moment and half-assed as it was.
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