Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tangled by Emma Chase

A few days ago I finished Tangled by Emma Chase. As you all well know, I take part in HEA Book Club. This month's selection was Tangled. Of course, I didn't finished in time to post my review before book club. By the way, you can always look back at the chats on Harlequin Junkie. Anyway, I finished the book right after book club and by the way loved it. However, I held off on my review, because I thought it would be a good idea to wait till the next day. Well, I ended up with cold, and unlike the main character I was really sick. Which is the reason I had to postpone my review.

First off, Tangled is a hilarious read. You meet Drew who is flat on his ass depress, because he let the girl he love go. Of course, he doesn't realize this until he starts telling the reader his story. Let me just say, I thought it was creative of the author to tell the story from Drew POV. Not only that it felt like you were hanging out with Drew as he tells the events that lead up to his crown and glory of being a moron. Drew's major flaw is he's a player and believes he's gods gift to women. Yes, a major flaw in all players. He doesn't know how to handle when a woman rejects his advances. Of course, he works hard to win over Katherine Brooks. He finally gets his chance with Kate and he messes up the good thing by being his idiot self. Now he has to work twice as hard to win her back.

Overall, Tangled is a witty fun read. Yes, Drew is a bit crass, but he tells it like he sees. After all he's a player. For example, here is Drew at his finest:
"For those ladies out there who are listening, let me give you some free advice: If a guy who just met at a club calls you baby, sweetheart, angel, or any other generic endearment? Don't make the mistake of thinking he's so into you, he's already thinking up pet names.
It's because he can't or doesn't care to remember your actual name."
The book is filled more words of wisdom from Drew. So, if you don't mind a little crass from a guy telling you how he screwed up his relationship, you might want to give Drew a try. I'm telling you he might be worth a ride in Tangled.



  1. I love Drew Evans! This series is fantastic glad you loved it

  2. I read this a 2nd time for the HEA book club. This was really funny & touching. I hope to read the rest of the series as they come out, too.