Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Sweetest Escape by Chelsea M. Cameron

I got a chance to read My Sweetest Escape by Chelsea M. Cameron. For the most part I did enjoyed the story. The story centers around Joscelyn Archer and Dusty Sharp budding relationship. However, you can't neglect the others in the story.

Basically, Joscelyn went from stick up her butt to all time party girl until she met Nate. You get the feeling something happens to him and your pretty sure he's dead, but you don't completely know until you get closer to the end. However, she's keeping all her secrets bottled up and her families becomes worry.

Her Sister:
Renee lives with a bunch of friends and basically forces Joscelyn to move into the house. First off, I couldn't stand Renee. Seriously, I wanted to throat punch her. She wore on my every last nerve. I get it, she's the older sister and wondering what the hell happen to her sister. Completely understand, but I think she took her duties a bit too far. She was just one of those characters you just want to hurt. Majority of the house did her biding when it came to her sister.

Her Friend:
Hannah is an unique character. I really liked her and she the perfect friend to help Joscelyn to come out of her shell. Some of the things that came out Hannah's mouth you are like what. Yes, she quirky, but she tends to over compensate for outward appearance. I do love their friendship, because they actually help each other out in the emotional department.

The Hero:
Dusty Sharp is a former bad boy who has been hanging out at the house. Joscelyn is a bit annoyed that he's always around. They have an unique relationship, because she can't seem to lose him as hard as she tries. Slowly he starts to creep into her sphere, and they start to developing feelings for one another. However, the past creeps into their lives and Nate is the key to the past.

Those are three important people in Joscelyn's world. There other characters are secondary characters they filling the space when Joscelyn and Renee, Hannah, or Dusty aren't interacting with each other. I liked how Chelsea had Joscelyn's relationship evolve over the course. Even though Renee and Joscelyn had a better relationship towards the end I still didn't like her. Hannah, I think I would love to see a more detail story about her finding love (might not happen, oh well). I did like how the past ties Joscelyn and Dusty together. This story isn't forever one and there is a lot going on in My Sweetest Escape. Overall, I found it enjoyable. So, if you are looking for something like this, you might give My Sweetest Escape a try.

Favorite Quote:
"Okay, a bad boy is one that makes you all, like tingly. He's dangerous in a good way. A way that makes your heart race and want to ride a motorcycle or go skinny-dipping. A bad guy is one who hurts you, or makes you feel worthless, or isolates you from your friends. He's just dangerous. Those are the guys to stay away from."

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