Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Staking His Claim by Tessa Bailey

I received a chance to read Tessa Bailey's latest release Staking His Claim. Which features Matt Donovan and Lucy Mason.

In the story Matt has been tasked to pickup his best friend's sister from college and bring her back home. Well, Lucy sees him at a coffee shop and he kind of said some stuff that made her feel insignificant, so she decides to lie and say she's the friend. Oh the tangle web weave when we tell lies. They have an amazing time together, but reality hits Lucy and she feels guilty about the lie. Now Lucy has to work on gaining Matt's trust.

I must say Staking His Claim is one steamy read. Yes, Matt likes to be a little rough in the bedroom, and his fear that he might scare any girl away. However, Lucy isn't afraid of his controlling bedroom behavior; actually she kind of likes it. They have great chemistry in the bedroom, but Matt's past looms over his head. Which is a problem with this budding relationship. Anyway, this is a pretty good story with some hot steamy scenes. Plus, it's always fun to read a story that has the best friend falling for the sibling. So, if you like a little dirty talk and best friend sibling story, you might enjoy Staking His Claim.

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