Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sinfully Yours by Cara Elliott

Last night I finished reading Sinfully Yours by Cara Elliott. This is the second book Hellions of High Street and I kind of have mix feelings about the story. I guess I should explain.

Anna is the middle Sloane sister. She's the peacemaker and the beautiful one. She always new she had to marry for money to save the family. However, that all changes once her older sister, Olivia, marries Wrexham. In essence, she loses a little of herself. She's still an author, but now she doesn't have to marry for money. So, this takes a toll on her.

Then you have the Marquess of Davenport, Devlin Greville. He's better know as the Devil of Davenport. He has no problem being the Devil of Davenport. However, he does carry a secret that no would have guess.

Anyway, I kind of felt Anna to be bit bland at times. I guess, I would have liked Davenport to play up the disreputable rake a little more. However, when Davenport's around Anna he actually tones back his rakish tendency. Other than that, I did enjoyed the story. It did pick up towards the end. I was surprise on a couple of accounts that happen in the story.

Overall, Sinfully Yours is still a pretty good read. I think I'm more excited to see what happens to the youngest Sloane, because she just seems like a spit fire. She might give a good run for the top hellion of High Street. Anyway, back to Davenport and Anna, they do work well together and they equally match for one another. So, if you are looking for a bluestocking heroine who masks her intelligence well and a rake for a hero, you might enjoy Sinfully Yours.

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