Thursday, January 30, 2014

Her Secret Cowboy by Marin Thomas

I got a chance to read Her Secret Cowboy by Marin Thomas. This is my first book by this author and first Harlequin American Romance. I have to say that I really enjoyed the story. However, I did feel bad for Will Cash, so me get to my thoughts.

All right, who hasn't done something stupid in their teens? If you say no, they you are lying. Sorry, but that's fact. Well, Will Cash did something stupid. Back in the day, Will took Marsha Bugler to the prom and afterwards they had a little party together. Sometime afterwards, Marsha came up to Will and told him the situation. Being a kid, he thought the perfect solution would be to get an abortion and no more problem.

Now sometime has passed since that event and he has always thought the problem was taken care of until he got a letter stating he was a father of a 14 year boy. Yes, probably handle to whole incident wrong in high school, but he was a kid. Not that I'm condoning his actions, but I could understand he's upset that he didn't get a chance to know his son. Some might say that Marsha had every right to keep Will child a secret to him, after all he did suggest to get an abortion. However, I don't believe that. He had a right to know he had a child. He should have been given a chance to want to know his child or not. Anyway, let me get off my soapbox on that.

Basically, we have a story about a guy who finds out he knocked up a girl and she's starting to feel guilty about her secrets. Now she's trying to make amends on her past by letting the father get to know his child. First, I felt bad for Will for a few reason, but the main reason was he always felt that he wasn't good enough. Yes, his mom might have been a town slut, but he always felt he was a let down. Then you have pastor trying to convince his daughter that Will wasn't good enough. So yes, I felt sympathy for Will. Now Marsha, I didn't like and couldn't quite put my finger on it. As I continue to read I realize why, she didn't really have a backbone. She basically cave to her father and was willing to sacrifice her happiness for his. Now her father, I really didn't like. He was very judgmental towards Will. Partly he was afraid he was going to lose his grandson to Will. However, the story did have a sappy happy ending which I did like.

Overall, I did enjoy Her Secret Cowboy, and I would like to go back read the previous books. So, if you are looking for a fairly quick read with a secret child theme, you might to try Her Secret Cowboy.

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