Saturday, February 15, 2014

Much Ado About Dutton by Claudia Dain

A copy of days ago I read Much Ado About Dutton by Claudia Dain. Though I liked the story, I found some of the story a bit overwhelming at times. It could be I haven't read Dain's previous Courtesan Chronicles, so I haven't gotten the full effect of Dutton and Anne's relationship. So, this might have to be a reread eventually.

Anyway. Anne is a widow again and this time she wants Dutton. She's going to try to bring him to his knees by being seductress. That's all well and good. I like the idea of her doing this, but it was little too much at times. I guess, because I felt her natural tendency wanted to come out when she tried to be a seductress. So at times it felt a bit over the top. Now Dutton has cleaned up his act. He's always wanted Anne, so he's trying to find the perfect balance for Anne.

I think what I found overwhelming was the constant games. Everyone trying to out do one another to win. There were some parts a I did enjoyed. However, towards the end I felt that it was a bit rushed.

Overall, not bad and had a lot potential. Much Ado About Dutton might be a story that needs to be revisit at another time. At times it felt like Shakespeare play with all these characters adding their two cents. So, if you don't mind a lot going on, you might consider Much Ado About Dutton a try.

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