Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Billionaire's Demands by Addison Fox

Last night I finished The Billionaire's Demands by Addison Fox. This is the third book in Boardrooms and Billionaires books. In this particular series the focus was on three sisters. Now we are focusing our attention on the middle sister Camryn McBride.

Camryn is the CFO of McBride Media. She basically eats, sleeps, and breaths financial reports. So much so that she uses them as her shields against real relationships other than her sisters. Now Camryn gets a chance to be the keynote speaker at a sales conference Hawaii. Woo-Hoo.

Now Booth Harrison has sort of wanted to get with Camryn, but Camryn has use the convenient excuse that she doesn't want to make things awkward between their families. After all, Booth's half-brother is married to Camryn's sister. However, Booth is up to the challenge.

The first part of the story went a little too smoothly. However, we have to have a little bump in the road otherwise it would be dull. I happy to find the bump in Hawaii. Anyway, basically likes to keep guys at arms length, because she was hurt in the past by a guy who "loved" her. Of course she tried again and that didn't bode well either, so she turned to her safety and security to reports. Yep, like they are going to keep you warm at night. Somehow, Booth slowly started to chip away her wall. It takes a lot for her to slowly trust Booth and be willing to get a little dirty.

The Billionaire's Demands was pretty good and did get much better towards the end. I do like an emotional ending. Plus, I love how Camryn tried to show Booth that she was willing to take on the mess of life. So, if this something your looking for, give The Billionaire's Demands a try.

Favorite Quote:
"Life's messy and complicated. You can't keep hiding from that fact behind spreadsheets and annual reports." 

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