Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hard As You Can by Laura Kaye

I need to state that I would strongly encourage you to read the first book Hard As It Gets (if you haven't yet), because the story continues in Laura Kaye's new release Hard As You Can. Which is the second book in the Hard Ink series. Sometimes you are able to pick up anywhere in the series and you would be just fine. However, with the Hard Ink series each story has build from the previous book, which makes it difficult to pick at any point. With that said, I guess I should share my thoughts.

We actually do meet Crystal Dean in the first book. She's the waitress at Confessions, which happens to be the strip club. Anyway, she's actually in a relationship with Bruno who manages the Strip Club. Plus, Bruno is one of the higher ups in Churchmen. However, she helps Shane McCallan get Becca's brother out of the clutches of Church and his goons. Then the story progress from there.

Basically, Hard As You Can is building with more suspense and danger. We have Crystal who wants to breakaway from her current life, but can't really do so until her sister, Jenna, graduates from college. So, she believes she can suck it up for eight more months. Shane sees Crystal as a woman who is in desperate need of help, so his damsel in distress alarm is going off when he's around Crystal. However, he doesn't want to push to hard, because Crystal has a knack for running when she's scared. While Shane is trying to save Crystal, the team is trying to takedown the Churchman.

I absolutely loved Hard As You Can, and a lot has to do with Shane. He's just the good old southern boy that can melt your heart with a couple of darlings. I love how he wants to save the women that are in danger. Of course, that all stems from what happen in his past and he's trying to make amends for a mistake. Crystal is smart, but is also a victim. You see how she really does need a lot of help. Like most victims, she's afraid to ask for help, because her abuser has no qualms showing who is boss.

Another reason I love this book is we find out a little more information on what their former commander was up to. At the same time, we have more questions popping up. It's like they make one step forward and end up two steps back.

Overall, I can't wait for more. I love how the suspence is building and I want to know how the Churchmen play into these guys getting dishonored. So, far this is an awesome series and now I need to wait patiently for the next book. UGH! So, if you love ex-military and suspence, you might want to checkout Hard Ink series.

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