Monday, February 3, 2014

Cursed by Cupid by Wendy Sparrow

How many of you remember getting those email chained letters? I know I have gotten a few. Of course, I did what they said, but eventually I quit. I think eventually the whole fad died out, who knows. Anyway, in Wendy Sparrow's new novella Cursed by Cupid we meet a Tilly Morrow who decided to break a chain email. It has been three years since she's had any luck in love. Seriously, the girl is unlucky. Tilly believes its all due to the broken chain. Then she finally meets a guy, Bryant Murphy who's willing to take a chance on Tilly. Even if it means sacrificing a limb.

Cursed by Cupid is adorable. I love that the story centers around a broken chain letter and Tilly truly believe she's cursed. Then she meets Bryant and he's willing to take a chance. Even their date ends in disaster, but he still wants to see her. Although he gets a few injuries during this time, he still thinks Tilly is swell. Yes, adorable is a great word to describe this story. I personally thought it was a fun quick read. Overall, a light fun read. So, if you are like Tilly and believe in curses from chain letters, give Cursed by Cupid a chance. Who knows you might be able to undo your bad luck.

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