Friday, February 7, 2014

Marine for Hire by Tawna Fenske

So, I just finished Marine for Hire by Tawna Fenske. I must say that I really enjoyed the story. Actually it was a lot of fun and I have to say that this is probably one of the most tame Brazen book I have ever read. Most of the time the Brazen line is a little more steamer than other any other Entangled books. Don't get me wrong there is still some steamy scenes, but not an overwhelm number of them. Now that's out of the way, let's meet the characters.

We have Sam Kercher is in limbo so to speak. He's not sure if he will continue to have a military career after the investigation of an incident that happen. So, he figure he would help his family out while he's on leave. However, his best friend, Mac, asks him for a huge favor which happens to be keep an eye on his sister and her boys. Now Sheridan Patton-Price is now a single mom raising twin boys, because her idiot of an ex decided to cheat on her. She does need help, but she's not sure what her brother was thinking when he "hire" Sam.

Seriously, loved Marine for Hire. I was laughing at the funny remarks that came from the characters. Here's an example:
"Lying is the absolute worst thing. Worse than riptides and parking tickets and pubic lice combined"
You have to admit that's pretty off the wall to say. You can find a lot more of that in the story. I love Sheridan, because she has the first time mommy doubts. She tries to be the perfect mom, because she's trying to overcompensate since her sons father isn't in the picture. Sam is a great guy. Yes, he's a Marine to the core and he's trying to keep that from Sheri cause of her douche of ex kind of gave military guys a bad name. Hate when that happens. So, he's trying to keep everything under control and try not paw at his best friend's sister. Which is kind of hard when both feel an attraction to one another.

Overall, a tame read from the Brazen line. However, the story line is strong, and you certainly will find funny moments. Who knows Marine for Hire might have you falling for a Marine too. So, if you want to try a Brazen book that might not be over the top steamy, Marine for Hire is your book.

Favorite Quote:
"There's no shortage of male role models in these kids' lives," Sheri snapped. "I have more brothers than pubic hairs, though right about now I'm thinking one less would be great." She froze as though replaying her last words in her mind and not liking the sound of them. "Less brothers, not--"

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  1. Oooh, you're tempting me to buy it! Especially since it's still on sale. Which would make it totally alright! :)


  2. i love military romance and it is surprising to hear of a tame title from brazen but I don't mind :)