Monday, January 13, 2014

In Bed with Mr. Wrong by Katee Robert

I just finished In Bed with Mr. Wrong by Katee Robert. I have to say that I have enjoyed Katee previous books, but I think this one just knocked my socks off. I mean you have heat, passion, and some serious chemistry. I feel when the hero and heroine have so much animosity towards one another that something is going to happen. One, they either kill each other or two, they end up tearing up the sheets. Of course they didn't end up killing each other, so we have to go with option two.

We have Ryan Flannery whose an Air Force Pararescuer. Well, he's on leave and decides to go to his hometown even though he hates being there. While he's home his brother (Derek) and good friend (Avery) decide to set him up on a blind date with the town librarian, Brianne Nave.

First off, this was the date from hell or a Murphy's Law kind of date. You know the law, and basically the whole date was disaster. However, they did have chemistry. When they weren't fighting, well let just say that there was very little talking going on. Now Derek and Avery see the chemistry and decide to take matters into their own hands, like derange fairy godparents. Anyway, they set Ryan and Bri on an adventure that will change their lives.

I'm not kidding when I say that I believe Katee has outdone herself with In Bed with Mr. Wrong. I mean I was laughing the start. The date was a disaster, but they couldn't fight chemistry that was between them. They were explosive, but a lot of that stem from misunderstanding on both ends. However, these to were HOT, HOT, HOT! Some better get a fan or something. Overall, LOVED In Bed with Mr. Wrong. It has steamy parts and funny parts, especially at the cabin. So, if you are looking for a little steam with a hint of disaster, you might seriously consider In Bed with Mr. Wrong.

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