Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dare to Love by Carly Phillips

Yesterday I finished Dare to Love by Carly Phillips. This is first book in her new series Dare to Love and boy it's hot. It all centers around the Dare family. Now you are thinking well that's not unusual, so what they're a family. If it was only that simple, oh no. The father Richard Dare had a split life. He had one family with his wife and another with his lover. Eventually, the secret comes out and now the children are living with the aftermath of the fallout. Now the children are all adults, but there are resentments towards some of the siblings. Sounds like a soap opera to me.

Well, Dare to Love focuses more on the oldest Dare boy, Ian Dare, who is known for his take what he needs and leaves mentality towards women. However, he sees something different when it comes to Riley Taylor. Now Riley is best friend's with Alex, Ian's stepbrother. So, this adds a complication to their relationship. However, that's not the only complication. Riley tends to try to do things on her own and won't let anyone help her, because she views that as a sign of weakness.

As I said, Dare to Love was one hot read. Oh goodness, you have two people who like to be in control of what happens in their lives, but you can't have to controlling people together unless you find compromise. Not only do these two characters have control issues, but they have trust issues. Ian feeling that he's never good enough to love, which all stems back to his father's living a double life. Riley's trust issues stem from being abuse as a child.

I loved Dare to Love, because you have the heat and passion between Ian and Riley. However, you have a family dynamic that you don't normally see, or it's hush-hush and not talked about. Honestly, I found this a great start to Carly's new series and I can't wait for the next book. So, if you looking for that hot read, you might give Dare to Love a try.

Favorite Quote:

"Ian, honey, you can't ensure the people you love won't leave you. You have to learn to trust."
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