Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wish for You by Marquita Valentine

We all know how much I love Marquita Valentine. She knows how to bring out an emotional read that will tear your gut apart, especially with her New Adult books. So, be prepare when you read Wish for You. Let's get on with my thoughts:
"I know, but you have to understand, we all have our battles to fight, internal and external. None of them look the same, and they all make us feel like we're pathetic losers or freaks."
I love that quote, because it sums up the story perfectly. Lacey Evans has been a little awkward. She doesn't cope very well with change, but she tries to manage. The only people that really know about her panic attacks are her family and Wyatt Tanaka (her best friend). Now Wyatt is dealing with his own demons coming home from the war and dealing with a serious case of PTSD. He has been getting help, but he has also been self medicating.

Anyway, the story is about two friends who love each other, but have issues admitting there is more than friendship between them. Which would over simplify there situation, because there are other things that are playing into the decision to just stay friends.

Honestly, I had a hard time with Wyatt, because he's a jerk. Yes, I know that it's the drugs that are messing with him, and I'm surprise his buddies didn't kick his butt. Like most drug users, Wyatt uses them to escape his demons. Now Lacey, I adore her. Lacey is a bit different and we get to the bottom of her panic attacks. However, I didn't like Wyatt until Lacey forgave him for all that he has done. I mean that takes a lot of guts to forgive a guy who was a jerk to you.

Overall, I LOVED this story, even with druggy Wyatt. This is an emotional read on so many levels, because you have drug issue, PTSD, other medical issues, and two friends who love each other. Mainly Wish for You is about life.
"Life isn't easy, sweetheart and it's full of things out of our control."
If you haven't gotten chance to read Marquita's books try them. They are fantastic read and they will have everywhere when it comes to the emotions.

My favorite quote which is from Lacey:
'"I love you, Wyatt Tanaka. I love you and forgive you for what you think you've done to me, and for the things you actually did to me that hurt." She kisses my head and holds me tighter. "I love you so much, and we've all got stuff in our head to deal with. But we have to learn how to deal with it so it doesn't control us. You once told me that asking for help didn't make me a parasite. I'm telling you now, that admitting the things you've done doesn't make you unworthy of forgiveness."'

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