Sunday, January 26, 2014

Resisting the Hero by Cindi Madsen

Oh boy was Resisting the Hero by Cindi Madsen a fun read. I have to say that I truly enjoyed this book. For one thing I was laughing from the first pick up line:
"My friend and I were just talking about what a sausage fest this was, and then you came in.” He ran his appraising gaze down her body, lingering on the V of her neckline.
Faith crossed her arms. “That works out, because I’m here for a weenie roast.”
He put a protective hand over his package—probably without realizing he was doing it—but his smile widened."
I mean Connor Maguire had a great line, but I love Faith Fitzpatrick snappy come back. That's how the story begins with them going back and forth. Connor with his pickup lines and Faith shooting him down. Connor knows he needs to stay away from his buddy's sister, but how can he resist such a feisty girl. Connor is used to girls bending at his will, but he loves the challenge Faith brings to the table.

Now Faith has been hurt in the past by guys like Connor, so she tries to void him like the plague. However, he's just so irresistible. The more time she spends with him, Faith starts to realize she can't lump him into the same category as her past relationship. However, there is one strike against Connor that Faith has a hard time letting go and that is he's a cop. After all her father died trying to protect innocent by standers. Will Faith be strong enough not to let the past dictate the future.

Other than Faith's issues, this was a highly entertaining story. I mean Connor adores Faith, but he has a hard time putting his player mode in check and those pickup lines just spew out. Here's another example of a great pickup line (or cheesy) from Connor:
"You know, you've got the kind of legs that make me wanna be pants."
Come on you know you love that line. Anyway, whenever Connor is around Faith he can't seem to help it. I love Connor, because with all those cheesy lines he's still a great guy underneath all those muscles. So, if you are looking for a sweet story that will have you laughing at some serious lines, you might want to give Resisting the Hero. You might have a hard time resisting Connor too.

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