Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Rogue Returns by Leigh LaValle

Have any of you been on a road trip with someone you consider your friend? If you had, you know that it's not always easy being with them. Imagine going on a trip with someone you don't know and not sure you should trust. In Leigh LaValle's The Rogue Returns you will find the odd couple galavanting all over  the English countryside trying to find some treasure.

We have Lady Helen Gladstone and she's trying to get her family out of a pickle of a situation. She gets this cockamamie idea to go look for the treasure her elder brother has hidden. However, she doesn't really have a clue on where it is. So, she goes off the clues that were left behind. Now Roane Grantham is after the same treasure as Helen. Now they must work together to use the clues Helen's elder brother left to find the treasure.

I must say that this is one of the most creative stories I have read in a while. The best way to describe this couple would be odd like complete opposite. Helen would be prissy and stuck believing the rules of society. While Roane is a rogue in every sense of the way. So you have them thrown into a crazy situation of a road trip. Each of them driving each other up the wall. Helen wants to money to help save her family from ruin, while Roane wants this money to give him the fresh start he's looking for. As they travel together, they start see each other in a new light.

I thought The Rogue Returns was hilarious. I mean you have Roane who keeps egging Helen on, kind like the kid that keeps touching another kid even though he tells them to stop. Lucky for Roane's charm starts to wear down Helen's defensive. Fun is the best way to describe the story. So, if you are looking for that fun story that has you galavanting around England, you might give The Rogue Returns a go. It may have you laughing with the witty remarks.

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