Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why Dukes Say I Do by Manda Collins

The past few days I have been tackling Why Dukes Say I Do by Manda Collins. First off, I have enjoyed a couple of stories by Manda Collins. I believe that she's a talented writer. However, I kind of struggle to get into the story. I really don't know why, but I just did. I guess I was being a finicky reader or something.

Anyway, we meet Isabella, Georgina, and Perdita who are tied together as friends, but also share a secret of what really happen the night of the death of the previous Duke of Ormonde. Well, each of these ladies are being terrorize by a note that states "I know what you did last season." That actually kind of reminded my of I Know What You Did Last Summer. So, I'm curious if we will be seeing more of that theme throughout the series, because honestly I don't think we have the seen of the last of that. However, I could be wrong.

However, the story focuses more on Isabella. Well, Isabella is basically order by the her godmother the Dowager Duchess of Ormonde to fetch her grandson who is the new Duke of Ormonde. Now Trevor Carey has no desire to go to London and basically he believes he can take care of his ducal responsibility from his home in Yorkshire. Trevor is pretty stubborn about not going to London to take his seat, but Isabella is just as stubborn. Basically, it's the battle of wits to see will cave first, Trevor believes he will have Lady Isabella packing her bags back to London in no time. HA! He doesn't realize he has met his match.

Throughout the book you see these two trying to get the other to see their point of view. Each of them realizes that they both have a valid points on the countryside and London. Eventually they compromise.  While they are coming to terms you have Isabella being terrorize by someone who knows what happen last season. This causes some fears. Of course, Trevor feels that it's his duty to protect Isabella.

Overall, not a bad read and it made me curious to see what happens next. Will we see the "I know what  you did last season" theme in the next book? Even though they caught the person who was terrorizing Isabella, but I think there might be more who know than we believe. I guess it's a wait and see. So, if your curious about reading Why Dukes Say I Do, you can give it a try.

Copy provided by St. Martins Press via NetGalley



  1. Nice review! I haven't heard of this author, so I am going to add her to my list. I do love a good battle of the wits theme story.

    1. Thanks. I struggle with this review. Manda is a good writer, I just struggle with this book.