Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lost in a Royal Kiss by Vanessa Kelly

All right, I mange to squeak in a read today. Today's selection happens to be Vanessa Kelly's new novella, Lost in a Royal Kiss. In this novella we are getting introduce to Vanessa's new series The Renegade Royals.

In this story we meet Linnet St. Claire who needs help from Sir Anthony Tait. Basically, Linnet brings Anthony a boy who finds himself in a pickle, because of a girl. Anyway, Linnet asks Anthony to take him under his care. Of course Anthony would do anything for Linnet, because he's has had feelings for her.

I enjoyed Lost in a Royal Kiss, because you have Anthony who wants to make Linnet his wife. While Linnet believes that she is far below Anthony's status. I really like how Anthony is bullheaded, after all he would do anything get Linnet to his. However, it takes some serious calculation on his part, a couple of times I thought Linnet would be too stubborn to accept. Overall, a quick story that has these to uniting. Yet, I wonder how they will play a part in the future stories. This shall be interesting to see. So, if you looking for a new series to start, you might want to checkout Lost in a Royal Kiss.

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