Friday, November 1, 2013

Blog Tour: Seducing Her Rival by Seleste deLane (Giveaway + Excerpt)

About Seducing Her Rival

She’s trapped with a man she hates…and can’t resist.
Mercedes boards a cruise frequented by investors with one goal: garner donations for the children’s charity she works for. The man who knocks her off her feet is not part of the plan. Sexy as sin and richer than God, Lucas sets off alarm bells in her head. But then he invites her to join him at the captain’s table to pitch her charity for an onboard fundraiser, and she decides Lucas might not be as bad as she thought.

Lucas is drawn to Mercedes’s spirit—and the fact she doesn’t recognize him. One scintillating night leads to another, but the afterglow is shattered when an early morning phone call reveals his identity as the man whose company is closing on the same property her charity needs.

Feeling betrayed, Mercedes storms out, but Lucas isn’t one to give up when something feels this right. And as much as she fights it, Mercedes can’t stay away from Lucas. But which one of them will seducing the enemy into surrendering?

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Excerpt from Seducing Her Rival:

“You’re killing me.” Lucas’s hands brushed the skin of her arms, sending electricity through her entire body. “May I?”
The look in his eyes sent that surge of energy straight to her most sensitive areas and Mercedes almost forgot what he was talking about. Then a
muscle twitched in her neck and, giving a wince, she remembered. “If you do, I might have to go home with you.”
“Then by all means turn that delicious ass around and come a little closer.” He leaned back in his chair and wiggled his fingers.
It was like the devil himself was offering her candy. Who cared about heaven when this was what eternal damnation had to offer? Her abuela rolled over in her grave at the blasphemy as Mercedes slid in between Lucas’s thighs. A perfect fit.
Then he set to work on her aching muscles and she melted into him. “That feels amazing. The things a guy learns in boarding school.” He stiffened behind her. “Bad experiences at school?”
“Just wondering what made you assume I went to boarding school.”
“I only answer if you keep rubbing.” A three- second delay and then he started kneading her muscles once more. Better.
Mercedes sighed against him. “It was a guess based on the T-shirt, the captain’s table on the first night, and the fact that you knew exactly what every piece of flatware on the table was for at dinner. That, and ‘boarding school’ sounded better than ‘The things a guy learns in the locker room.’”
Lucas chuckled quietly and she felt the tension
drain from the body behind her. “No bad experiences per se, but it was a boys-only school, so it might as well have been the locker room. I did, however, have a girlfriend in college who was studying to be a massage therapist.”
“Tell her I said thank you.” She sank into him further and Lucas’s fingers dipped lower on the lace of her dress, his movements crushing it against the skin over her breasts. Why hadn’t she worn the strapless tonight? She wanted to feel his hands on her skin, sliding lower...teasing her nipples. Lower... “So what else did you learn to do with your hands at college?”
Leaning closer, he whispered in her ear, just loud enough to be heard over the music, “Nothing, but I learned a whole lot of things to do with my tongue if you’d like to know more about that.”
At the thought, Mercedes’s insides tightened. The man was going to undo her right here in the club if she wasn’t careful—and without touching anything other than her damn shoulders. And her ass, if the erection pressing against it counted. Between its presence, his whispered innuendo, and his hands trailing down her arms to twine his fingers in hers, she wanted to turn around and mount him right here. “Yes. I want to know everything.”

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