Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Russian Temptation by Nikki Navarre

Basically I spent most of my Friday reading The Russian Temptation by Nikki Navarre. I have to say that it was pretty good. Truthfully, I didn't know what to expect other than we have Russians and Americans, and that was the extent of the book. Honestly, I go into most books pretty blind when I read them. Anyway, I should go a little deeper into what I thought of the story.

From the book blurb you would gather Skylar Rossi is an Ambassador and Scientist sent to Russia to find out if there they are breaches in security and all that good stuff. As she gets to the area she meets Nikolai Markov and his job is to basically deter her. However, Skylar is stubborn and doesn't listen to subtle warning (if you call getting shot at subtle). On top of all this Nikolai has a hidden agenda for taking the assignment. Yes, the man has vendetta against Skylar.

Short version of what the story is about. An enjoyable read and I liked how the danger level slowly increase. I thought it was clever for the author to make you wonder about Nikolai. Nikolai himself is an interesting character, because he wants to do the job and get paid. At the same time he wants to get to know the woman who cause the death of his brother 18 years ago and see if he wants to take her out like she had done with his brother.

Now Skylar is trying to atone for what she believe are her mistakes in life by trying to help people, which is a lot burden to shoulder. Truthfully, I don't think she should have really atone for the mistakes in her life, because she was just a child at the time. I liked Skylar, because she tends to stick her guns even when she's in danger.

Overall, I enjoyed The Russian Temptation, talk about hooking you into a the story and make you wonder what's going to happen to next. You have enemies that become lovers story and they both trying to decided if they should really trust one another. I really like how the author subtly introduce why Nikolai didn't like Skylar right away, and I think that built on the suspense. So, if you have a hankering for a story set in Russia with eminent danger, you might want to check out The Russian Temptation and try to decided if Nikolai is a good guy or a bad guy.

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