Friday, November 29, 2013

How to Bring Your Love Life Back From the Dead by Wendy Sparrow

So, I started reading How to Bring Your Love Life from the Dead by Wendy Sparrow. Let just stress that these stories are more a heart-warming read than scary, so here are my thoughts on each of the stories:

How to Bring Your Love Life Back from the Dead in Ten Easy Steps

First you need to know the 10 Steps:
1) Know What You Want in a Significant Other
2) Be Social. Get Out of Your House
3) Go to Events That Will Appeal to Those With Similar Interests.
4) Be Bold. Go After What an Who You Want.
5) Don't be Afraid of Rejection. Live in the Moment.
6) Don't Let Small Obstructions Trick you into Giving up.
7) Don't Rush. A Lon-Term Commitment is an investment.
8) Little Misunderstandings Can Cause Huge Rifts. BE a Good Communicator.
9) Learn Balance. Make Time for Others and Yourself.
10) Love is Worth it.

I love that Lauren is willing to try these steps in the story. I had a good little chuckle on how Daniel played a part in these steps.

I don't have ten reasons why I love this story, but I have a few. For one thing, I love how each chapter is a pinpoint on how to bring your love life back. I think these can apply to real life situation, but this is a story. Second, the story had me laughing and evening cause a tear or two. This story is short, sweet and leaves satisfy in the end.

Anna and the Apparition

All right, when I started Anna and Shane's story, I thought it moved a little slow in the beginning. I found myself trying to get through the story. However, it did start to pick of the pace when we start to dive more in to Shane's "death". Once things started to unravel I found myself wanting to finish the story to see what happen. So, I was surprise by my reaction to the story and I loved the ending.

All Bets Are Off

All right this story was ultra cute. What can I say,  I love the story. Yes, it centers around a "haunted house" and bet. Granted Clay was an idiot when it comes to Cory. However, he believe he was being transparent with his feelings. I guess he was wrong, because he scared off the girl. Now he aims to win the girl with the house that cause it all. Seriously, an adorable read.

All the stories in How to Bring Your Love Life Back from the Dead were really cute and sweet. None of the stories were scary, but left you more with a heart warming feeling. So, you looking for some feel good stories with some spooky elements, you might want to read How to Bring Your Love Life Back From the Dead.

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