Sunday, November 24, 2013

If You Dare by Jessica Lemmon

Have you ever had a kid from the opposite sex pick on you at school, you go home tell your mother, and she would reply, "Oh sweetie, that just means he/she likes you." You think, "Dude mom, your crazy", instead you just smile and nod. Anyway, in Jessica Lemmon's new novella If You Dare, we stumble upon the case of   Marcus Black liking Lily McIntire a lot and picking on her.

Marcus has had a crush on Lily since she started working at the company. He did try to get her to go out with him; Lily shot him down thinking he was just a playboy. Granted he hasn't really made an effort to disprove her, instead he just riles her up. Negative attention is still attention. Well, he finally gets his opportunity to get a real date out of her, but he goes about in a wager way. Yeah, like that's the brightest idea. Marcus basically dares Lily to spend a night at a haunted house, if she leaves before the next day he gets his date. However, if she stays the whole time she gets his trip to Hawaii. Who wouldn't stay at a haunted house if Hawaii was on the line? I wouldn't, because it's haunted.

I thought If You Dare was fantastic. We have Marcus and Lily butting heads, because they are attracted to one another. Yet, Lily thinks he's just like every scum bucket she has ever dated and not willing to give him a chance. When Marcus realizes this he aims to play dirty, hey he goes after what he wants. Then you toss in a haunted house, that bring them close together. Who doesn't love a story with a haunted house and two people who would go to great lengths to achieve their goals. So, if you are looking for a novella with a haunted house, you might want to try If You Dare.

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