Sunday, November 24, 2013

Falling for Mr. Wrong by Inara Scott

So, I have read every book that has been written so far about the Bencher family. The impress I have gotten from the other books was Ross was a really young sibling. Well, my little bubble was burst when I found out that he was about a year younger than Britt.  Anyway, today I bring you the third installment of the Bencher family, Falling for Mr. Wrong by Inara Scott. I must say that have enjoyed each and every book. I believe there is one more sibling, but I could be wrong. Back to my purpose.

If you have read any of the previous books you would remember Ross had a pretty rocky marriage that eventually ended. After his disastrous marriage he decided that he needed to find a woman that would be the epitome of Donna Reed. For those who don't know who Donna Reed is, well she was a 1950s TV mom that did everything that a wife should do. Ross didn't want to find an impulsive adventure seeker for his next wife. Of course the woman Ross finds is the complete opposite of what he is looking for, meet Kelsey Hanson. Kelsey is basically lives like a nomad. She doesn't form attachments very well and she tends to look for an excuse to bail. Part of the reason is her father.

As I have said, I have enjoyed all the Bencher books. If you have read the previous books Ross was kind of portrayed as a playboy. However, that's not really possible, because most playboys tend to focus on themselves while Ross tends to focus more on his children and even his ex-wife. Yes, his ex-wife is still in the picture, but more like his best friend. I know weird, but it works for them. So, that really endeared me to really like Ross. He had was gooding looking and kind, but had that "Oh I can be bad" edge about him. That could have been his confidence that oozed off him.

Now Kelsey. I'm not going to lie, I wanted to choke her. Seriously, she drove me nuts with "oh I'm not good with kids" or "I never really wanted to be married or have a family". I guess you tell yourself something like that enough, you start to believe it. However, Kelsey's problem was her father and her lack ability to standup for herself when she was around him. Kelsey is a strong independent woman, but when it came to father she became all pathetic. That's part of the reason she drove me nuts. She almost missed out on a great thing in her life by not finding her backbone.

Overall, I really did love the story. Yes, Kelsey drove me nuts, but Ross and his kids really won me over. I love how Ross was more than the playboy guy and how he really grew into a great guy. Both of them are bit stubborn and set in their own ways. Yes, they struggle to compromise, but somehow made it work. Kelsey had to learn to be herself, while Ross had to let go of his preconceive ideas of a proper wife after a divorce. So, if you are looking for a good story with two stubborn people, you might want to give Falling for Mr. Wrong try.

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