Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Cinderella Seduction by Hope Tarr

So this is the third book in Hope Tarr's Suddenly Cinderella series. I have been impress with each of the story, because each of the heroines has been a Cinderella. However, I think Stefanie Stefanopoulos is probably the closest to Cinderella in The Cinderella Seduction

I love Stefanie, because she's like the epitome of all women. I mean she feels inferior compared to her stepmother and stepsisters who happen to be petite. Yet, her father tasks her with the responsibility of distracting Nikolas Costas while in the area. Of course, she wonders why her father would choose her while there are other choices. As she gets to know Nick, she doesn't understand what he sees in her. I mean he's been known to be many beautiful woman in the past. 

Stefanie has big heart and is loyal to her friends and family. She wants everything to workout in the end. Of course our Cinderella has a couple of roadblocks that would like her to stay in the shadows of her stepsisters. 

Like most Cinderella stories, I found myself crying. Yes, it has a happy ending, but getting there is always so rough. Nick and Stefanie were almost sabotage by her stepmother who was selfish and self-serving. However, the luck of some magic shows it was able to work itself out. I hope there is more to come, because I really have enjoyed the Suddenly Cinderella stories. I have been impress on how Hope Tarr has puts a modern twist on an old fairytale. So, if you like Cinderella stories, I would suggest checking out The Cinderella Seduction or the other books in the series. 

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