Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Barefoot by the Sea by Roxanne St. Claire

The past couple of days I have been reading Barefoot by the Sea by Roxanne St. Claire. This is the final installment to Barefoot Bay series, but we aren't finish seeing stories that are set at Barefoot Bay. Oh no, Roxanne plans to launch another series set at Barefoot Bay. YAY! Anyway, the reason I'm reading this book. We all know that I participate in Harlequin Junkies HEA Book Club, and this months selection is Barefoot by the Sea. Everyone is welcome to come, even if you haven't gotten a chance to read the book. All you really need to do is go to Harlequin Junkies website go to the tab for HEA Book Club and click on Live Chat or click the link at about 6pmPST/ 9pmEST on November 21. Now that I'm done pitching book club, here are my thoughts on the story:

We finally get to Tessa's story. Tessa is know to be the caring nurturing person who doesn't like secrets. However, she carries one secret close to her heart. Yet there is one thing she doesn't keep secret, the yearning of having a child of her own. At the end of Barefoot in the Sun she tells her friends that she plans to have a child. When I read that, I automatically thought it would be like The Backup Plan. You know the movie with Jennifer Lopez who decides to have a baby via  sperm donor, and then finds the perfect guy after she gets pregnant. That doesn't happen in the story, instead she meets John Brown. John just seems to good to be true, and at the same time Tessa doesn't feel like she can trust him completely. Yes, John is a man of secrets. One he's in the British form of witness protection and needs to keep a low profile and prove that he's in a situation where he can take his children. Then he gets the bombshell that he needs to prove that he has a wife in order to get his children.

I really did enjoy Barefoot by the Sea. I actually liked the story that Tessa got. I believe story really play into Tessa's caring side. Once she found out the truth about John/Ian she really wanted to help him, even go through a fake/real marriage with him. The story had me chuckling at times and had me worry about Tessa's well being, because she tends to give so much of herself. Overall, I really liked Barefoot by the Sea, because it's a marriage of convenience story. You have to look at it that way, because John needs a wife to get his kids back and Tessa is the perfect person for that. If you have liked the Barefoot Bay books, you might enjoy this story.

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