Sunday, November 10, 2013

Game for Trouble by Karen Erickson

So, I finished Game for Trouble by Karen Erickson. I actually have been dying to read this before it even had a title. If you had read Game for Marriage you would remember Nick and Willow and how there was this chemistry between them. However, they were secondary characters and weren't really important to Game for Marriage. Now Nick and Willow have there story and there is a little more than what I was expecting.

Willow has had an issue with football players, and thinking that they were players in more than one way. Only way you get those kind of thought is when you get burn by a athlete and you have scars from the incident. Which Willow does. Six years early Willow dated Nick Hamilton and she got dumped in the harshest way. Of course she's going to carry a chip on her shoulder when it comes to Nick.

Nick is a good ol' southern boy who was madly in love with Willow six years ago, but he did an idiot thing and dumped her. It wasn't because he wanted to play the field; no, it was Willow's good old daddy making the calls. After all he didn't want Willow entangled in with a football player, because she will get hurt.

Basically, Nick is trying to win back Willow in the story. Poor Nick. The guy has to jump through hoops to get Willow to look at him and he might have gone about it the wrong way. However, the more they hang out together, the more Willow starts to melt and land into Nick.

Overall, the story is really good for a past lovers story. They both want each other, but the past still hangs in the air and does jeopardizes the relationship. Plus, it doesn't help that Willow runs hot and cold when she's around Nick. Yes, it's a self-preservation mechanism, but I'm surprise Nick held on for so long. I guess love will make you do anything. I absolutely love Nick with his southern charm; it's easy to fall in love with him. So, if you love hot football players that will have you melting by his charm, you might consider reading Game for Trouble. Nick Hamilton is definitely trouble looking for.

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