Saturday, November 2, 2013

November is Here and Now My Reading List and Other Stuff

November is the month know to be thankful. On Facebook, I'm seeing people doing the 30 Days of being Thankful. Don't get me wrong I think it's great and all, but in truth we should be thankful everyday and not just because it's November. Anyway, now I need to give you the monthly update and happenings.

What's Happening in November:
1st-10th: Miracle Road Holiday Hop
1st: Excerpt + Giveaway Seducing Her Rival Blog Tour
6th: Blog Tour Russian Temptation by Nikki Navarro
12th: Blog Tour: Her Rockie Mountain (Interview)
Blog Tour: Christmas Catch (Review Stop)
14th: Blog Tour: Taming the Wild Scott by Rowan Keat
17th: Blog Tour: Off the Market (Review Stop)

These are the things that are schedule for the month. Of course there is always more things to pop-up.

Now my Book List:
The Arrangement ~ Mary Balogh
Barefoot by the Sea ~ Roxanne St. Claire (for HEA Book Club)
A Most Lovely Lady ~ Jennifer Delamere
The Trouble with Christmas ~ Debbie Mason

So, you see that some of the books from last month are on the list for this month. I just ran out of time. I still not going to list the ebook list, because that's just out of control. I know I didn't make it through the ebook list. Here's hoping to get through the list a little better. Wish me luck and I will talk to you all next month.


  1. I do like Mary Balogh. Looks like you have some good reads for the month. I can hardly believe that its november already.

    1. When I started reading romances again, Mary Balogh was one of the authors I picked up. I do have a soft spot for her.

  2. I really enjoyed The Arrangement. The other books are on my, not organized, list as well. Or wish list since I don't own all of them. :-)

    Thank you for your comment on the whole 30 Days of Being Thankful on FB. I too believe we should be thankful every day. I do get amused at the 'no repeats code' as well....can't I be thankful every day for my husband, kids, friends, critters, etc??

    1. Thanks for stopping by Glenda. I guess it's like a pet peeve of mine. I'm really hopeful I will accomplish my physical book reads.