Monday, December 30, 2013

The Twelve Days of Seduction by Máire Claremont

All right I'm such a dork, because I have been looking at this title for a couple of days trying to figure out why it was so familiar. Then it dawned on me, it was actually in an anthology called All I Want for Christmas is a Duke. I actually do have this anthology, but I haven't had time to read it. I know, the shame. Anyway, I was able to read The Twelve Days of Seduction by Máire Claremont (which I got from the publisher). This is why I'm a dork. So, let me tell you my thoughts on the story.

First off we have the Duke of Berresford, Alexander Hunt and he finds out that his governess, Miss Grey, isn't who she says she is, but actually Adriana Flint. Of course he's upset with this information, so he decides having Adriana as his ward's governess is no longer an option. After all, he wants an honest upstanding person to be her governess. However, he figures another way to keep her at his home as his mistress. Yet, Adriana isn't going to go down without a fight. Oh no she wants him to be challenge, so the seduction begins.

I actually enjoyed this quick read. I liked how Adriana wasn't going to cave to the Alexander. Most people would cave to him, because he's a Duke. I liked how he realized it was going to take more than just seduction to get his governess into his bed. I really like how Alexander realize that there was more to Adriana than the person who kept some secrets from him. Overall, The Twelve Days of Seduction was a nice quick read. So, if you are still in the mood for Christmas stories or absolutely love Dukes, you might give Twelve Days of Seduction a try.

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